A few alumni achievements since the year 2000:

  • 88 pursued vocations to the priesthood or religious life.
  • 13 bank presidents, including the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.
  • 7 university presidents, including the presidents of Boise State and the University of Dallas.
  • 5位主教,从巴西到巴尔的摩.
  • 3 U.S. 华盛顿特区的领导人.C., including 参议院警卫官, Terrance Gainer.
  • 2位堪萨斯州商务部长.
  • 1位诺贝尔和平奖得主.


  • 马特·安东尼,VML全球主席
  • Lindsay Wright Aydelotte, EMBA课程,出版人 & 她的生活杂志的老板
  • Judith Badstieber Hemberger, Chairman and CEO of SuviCa's, Boulder, Colo.
  • Susan Begesse Prose, Assistant US Attorney, Colorado Attorney General's Office,
  • 玛丽·爱丽丝·鲍丁·赖斯, cofounder of Northrop Rice USA and has served in various capacities within the company including President and Chairman of the 董事会.
  • 约翰主教. 堪萨斯州道奇市布鲁加尔特.
  • Patrick Carr, former President of Hallmark-Canada
  • 比尔·达纳,中央银行首席执行官
  • 安迪•迪瓦恩 (1905 – 1977), 美国 性格演员 known for his distinctive raspy, crackly voice and roles in 西方 电影(一年制)
  • 特伦斯·盖纳,前美国总统.S. 参议院警卫官
  • Dr. 帕特里克·D. Gallagher, the 18th Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer of the University of Pittsburgh. 美国联邦调查局前局长.S. Commerce Department’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
  • 帕特里克·乔治,堪萨斯州商务部长
  • Michael Haverty,  Executive Chairman of Kansas City Southern Railway
  • 汤姆洪尼格,  recent Vice Chair of the FDIC and former President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
  • 汤姆Hoopes, EMBA课程, 记者, former editor of the National Catholic Register and 信仰 and Family magazine
  • Marj Henningsen(1964-2019),创始人 & Principal of Wellspring Learning Community in Beirut, Lebanon
  • Fr. Matthew Habiger, OSB, director, NFP Outreach, former president of Human 生活 International
  • 保拉·霍华德修女,OSB,肖像学家
  • 玛德琳米. 莱宁格,退休教授 & foundress of the worldwide Transcultural Nursing movement
  • James Lewis, CEO, Security Bank of Kansas City
  • Bishop Denis James Madden, Baltimore Auxiliary
  • Carolyn Ray Mahoney, President of Lincoln University in Jeff City, MO
  • 汤姆·梅茨格,中西部银行首席执行官
  • Jamie Mueller, former football standout with the Buffalo Bills of the NFL
  • 艾琳·诺埃尔修女,OSB,作家
  • 查尔斯·雷,美国.S. 驻津巴布韦共和国大使
  • Carla Schaefer, Vice President, Scientific Games
  • Susan Schaefer-Hinds, President of The Schaefer House, Jefferson City, MO
  • Chris Tabor, Special Teams Coordinator, Chicago Bears of the NFL
  • Byron Thompson (1932 - 2015), founder and former Chairman, Country Club Bank
  • Bill Thornton, former Kansas Secretary of Commerce
  • Carolyn Watley, CBIZ Benefits的总裁 & 保险服务
  • Robert Wholey, former Chairman of Heartland Bank
  • Bob Veale, former Pittsburgh Pirates All-Star pitcher


  • 迈克尔·博兰德,81届医学博士,神经外科医生,圣. 卢克在密苏里州切斯特菲尔德.
  • Gerard Brungardt, MD, ’79, Medical Director, Harry Hynes Memorial Hospice, Wichita
  • Jennifer L. 哈金斯,医学博士,1980年,过敏症专家 & 免疫学家,内科医生在辛辛那提,俄亥俄州
  • Aaron Sinclair, MD, 00, Atchison Hospital, Atchison, Kan.
  • Cy Anderson, MD, ’91, Physician, Stormont-Vail 健康 Care Medical Arts Clinic, Emporia, Kan.
  • Doug Shevlin, MD, ’86, Pathologist, Memorial Medical Center, Springfield, Ill.
  • Dustin Paul, ’11, attending Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine, Erie, Penn.
  • 加里·安东尼,医学博士,1977年,导演. of Bariatric Surgery, Methodist Physicians Clinic, Omaha, Neb.
  • James Bongers, DDS, ’77, Dentist, Junction City, Kan. 家庭牙科
  • Joe Cernich, MD, ’96, Pediatric Endocrinologist, Children’s Mercy Hospital, Kansas City, Mo.
  • John Dickinson, MD, ’99, Resident Physician, Barnes Jewish Hospital, St. 路易斯,莫.
  • Justin Stowell, ’99, attending the University of Kansas School of Medicine, Wichita, Kan.
  • Catherine Hartmann Kassel, ’96, Medical Technologist, Mercy Hospital, Des Moines, Iowa
  • Michael Murray, MD, ’71, Prof of Anesthesiology & Consultant, Mayo Clinic Arizona, Phoenix, Ariz.
  • 安·塔普霍恩·施罗德,医学博士,1985年,堪萨斯州托皮卡.
  • 约翰P. O’Gara, MD, ’57, Physician, Methodist Hospital, Omaha, Neb.
  • 安德鲁J. Schreffler, MD, ’90, Surgeon, Kaiser Franklin Memorial Center, Denver, Colo.
  • Richard Wurtz, MD, ’94, Physician, Holy Family Medical Associates, Lincoln, Neb.
  • Roger Fennell, MD, ’71, Physician Anesthesiologist, Pioneers Memorial Hospital, Brawley, Calif.
  • Ron Ferris, MD, ’93, Physician, Holy Family Medical Associates, LLP, Wichita, Kan.
  • Edward Letourneau, MD, ’85, Rheumatologist, Stormont Vail 健康 Care, Topeka, Kan.
  • William Crowley, III, ’83, DO, Family Practice, Port Lavaca, Texas
  • William Mullican, MD, ’55, Retired, Internal medicine and Research, Evansville, Ind.


  • 斯蒂芬·D. 该组织,
  • 琳达·亨利,学生生活副总裁
  • 凯莉·博兰·沃维尔斯,进步副总裁
  • 约瑟夫·伍尔茨,学院院长


Benedictine College is the only Catholic college in America to boast of an alumna who is a Nobel Peace Laureate.  Dr. Wangari Maathai was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2004 for her contributions to sustainable development, 民主与和平.  The native of Kenya graduated from Atchison’s Mount St. Scholastica大学, now Benedictine College, with a degree in biological science in 1964.  She went on to become Africa’s first female Ph.D. and is the first African woman to be awarded any Nobel Prize.

She founded the Green Belt Movement in 1977 and served as Assistant Minister of Environment, Natural 资源 and Wildlife in Kenya before her death in 2011. Maathai was one of the first two women from Africa to attend Mount St. Scholastica大学.  She has many treasured memories of her four years with the Benedictine Sisters, who continue to educate and interact with the more than 1,本尼迪克特学院有600名学生.  Dr. 马塔伊于2011年去世.

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